The Panasonic Corporation was founded by Konosuke Matsushita in Japan in the early 1900s.  From its beginnings as a lightbulb socket manufacturing company, it has grown into an international electronics company making products for a wide variety of purposes and industries including automotive, avionics, personal care, home climate comfort and construction.  

The Panasonic air conditioning group entered the market in 1958 and continues to be a global leader in designing energy efficient products.  Offering single-split systems, multi-split systems, ECOi VRF systems, controls and accessories, Panasonic gives you a trusted brand that delivers comfort and cost savings.  

Panasonic manufactures ducted and ductless cooling and heating systems that can cover a whole house or smaller spaces that may need supplemental heating or cooling. Their newest system is the ClimaPure™ XE ductless heat system featuring nanoe™ X built-in air purification technology.  This technology reduces odors, air pollutants, even within the carpet and furniture fibers. These units are wall mounted and come with built-in Wi-fi that connects to the controller.  With high SEER and Energy Star ratings, the ClimaPure™ systems feature whisper-quiet operations and are eligible for energy rebates where applicable. 

Additional mini-split systems include the Exterios XE cooling and heating wall mounted system, the Pro Wall Mount cool and heat system and the Pro Series heat pump.  To pair with single or multi-zone outdoor units, Panasonic offers the 4 way ceiling cassette indoor unit and the slim duct low profile indoor unit.  

Outdoor condensers include models that can be paired with up to 5 indoor units.

Panasonic developed the “world’s first” heat recovery Variable Refrigerant Flow System (VRF)in 1989, which allows for heating and cooling within the same system. These include the LE Series heat pumps, the MF2 Series heat recovery units and the ME2 Series heat pumps. There are many options for the paired indoor unit including wall mounted, 4 way cassette ceiling mounted, one way cassette, and concealed duct units.

The MVA Series of vertical air handler units come with optional heat and can be paired with a variety of indoor unit options such as suspended ceiling units, floor mounted decorative or floor mounted concealed units.  Intelligent controller options include with or without PIR, wired remote, internet controlled wire Wi-Fi and wireless remote.