At Conditioned Air Solutions our goal is to keep you and your home comfortable. Sometimes that might require reworking an existing duct system or designing and installing an entirely new system. We know this can be an expensive endeavor, but you can rest easy knowing that the quote we give you in the beginning is the bill you will get at the end. We never surprise you with a high bill after the work is done. 


Designing and installing duct systems, or making changes to an existing system, is a very involved process and requires quite a bit more work that simply installing a new unit. We go out of our way to make sure that your unit and duct system is designed exactly as it needs to be for your particular house.

When we install a new system, we perform a room-by-room load calculation, so we know exactly what is happening in each room.  Many of our competitors simply do a calculation for the house as a whole; and that’s how you end up with west-facing bedrooms that are too hot in summer, and vaulted living rooms that are too cold in the winter.

We also take the time to make sure every duct is sealed and insulated properly. This will eventually save you money because the more efficient your system is, the less energy it requires to run. We then perform duct-pressure testing to see if any adjustments need to be made. 

When it comes to Conditioned Air Solutions quality is key, that’s why we use higher quality duct work than many of our competitors. You’ll only find metal and flex duct in systems we’ve installed—never duct board. When it comes to quality we don’t stop at materials, we make sure all our employees are highly trained experts in their respective specialties who know everything there is to know about these systems.

Why all this attention to detail? Because at Conditioned Air Solutions we focus on high quality products, and high-quality work. We may not be the cheapest HVAC company in town, but we are the best. We believe it’s worth sweating the details when installing a system that’s going to affect your comfort every day for the next fifteen to twenty years. 


When it comes to HVAC service and installation, that old chestnut is generally true: You get what you pay for. If your home’s comfort is important to you, don’t just look for the cheapest offer. Look for the BEST.