Russ Curtis

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Comfort Consultant

Russ Curtis came to Conditioned Air Solutions in 2017, to serve as a Comfort Consultant.

He enjoys the job because there is something different every moment of the day. No two situations are ever the same. “I really enjoy finding the solution to the customer’s situations, whether it is air quality or comfort needs, the right solution is a win for them.”

Choosing to come to work here was an easy decision because, “the efficiency and organization of the company is second to none, and all of the employees are professionals in their field.”

He recalls his favorite customer story stating, “a young couple was having issues with their AC, it kept cutting off, and they had been quoted new units as the solution. Upon inspection, I saw that it was a clogged drain pan line I cleaned out the line and the unit has worked just fine ever since. Doing the right thing is always the best thing to do.”

When Russ is not at work he can be found doing anything outdoors, he is an avid sportsman and conservationist. Tinkering with anything mechanical and building, from motors to pole barns, “I like to learn something new everyday!”

Born and raised in Huntsville, he is married and has 4 children.

During football season he can be heard yelling “Roll Tide” for Alabama of course. If he could have any superpower he would love to be able to fly.

3/29/19 – Felicia W. – Our Residential Technician, Adam Malone, came by to execute his seasonal AC/Heater service; I asked him about a unit that could accommodate my newly built Studio in the garden of my home. Adam referred me to Russ Curtis, Comfort Consultant. Russ knew exactly what I wanted and provided me with several options. Russ explained the details and I decided on a Daikin. Jerome Booker, Supervisor Installer, came by to review the area and assured me that there were no installation issues based on the design of my Studio. Installation day arrived with Installers, Jason Pence and Eugene Sims. These Gentlemen were very humble to my needs and very entertaining to speak with. Jason and Eugene completed the job promptly and with utmost professionalism. I am extremely satisfied with my Daikin. It’s everything and more! I highly recommend Conditioned Air Solutions for all AC/Heater matters.

1/25/19 – Kay Z. – Our unit wasn’t working properly for heat or air and we wanted to switch to natural gas so we scheduled companies to provide quotes. Conditioned Air Solutions was the fourth quote and the only company that went under the house. Pictures were taken and options were discussed with Russ Curtis who provided a wealth of knowledge to aid our decisions. We opted for duct repair and a new system connected to natural gas. Jason Pence and Eugene Sims did an amazing job with the repair work and installation. I have never and I repeat never had service teams clean up (even brought their own broom and dust pan ) where they worked! Jason was thorough in explaining the new thermostat, and answering my questions and always explained the next steps so that I knew where we were with the installation process! Bottom line, these guys went above and beyond to provide the best service possible! I also appreciated follow up visits from Jerime and Russ just to check on how things were going! Thank you to the entire team!

11/28/18 – Carol C. – When I called, they came out really quick. Jeremy and Drew were very knowledgeable and polite–telling me what the problem was and showing me photos of the parts that were “sick.” I was very impressed with them. Then today, Russ came out to talk to us about our options, the cost, and details about safety. I could go on and on about these men and this company!!! I have 100% confidence in this company and know that the job will be done right! I will never use any other company again!