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Carbon Monoxide Detector by Carrier


Upgrading Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors


When was the last time you checked the batteries in your home’s carbon monoxide detectors? Three months ago? Six months ago? Sometime in the last couple of years?


In this busy world, it can be hard to remember things like checking batteries every three months, even though working carbon monoxide detectors are extremely important safety devices in any home that uses gas appliances, whether for home heating, water heating, or cooking.

After all, carbon monoxide is known as the “Invisible Killer” for good reason. It’s odorless, tasteless, colorless, and according to the CDC, it kills more than 150 Americans every year in addition to the thousands that it sends to the hospital. The early symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning can easily be mistaken for an illness like the flu, and the later symptoms include mental confusion and unconsciousness, which means that many people don’t even realize they’re being poisoned until it’s too late.


You can help protect yourself and your family from this threat by upgrading your carbon monoxide detectors from the old battery-operated models to a new Carrier carbon monoxide detector. The Carrier detector uses electrochemical sensors to measure the carbon monoxide in your home’s air every fifteen seconds and digitally displays the results. If the level is unsafe, it sounds an 85 decibel alarm to let you know.


But what makes the Carrier detector truly an upgrade is that it plugs directly into a standard electrical outlet. That means you don’t have to worry about checking and changing the batteries. As long as your home has power, so does your Carrier carbon monoxide detector. And when the power goes out, you can have confidence that your Carrier detector is still standing guard thanks to the rechargeable back-up battery, which never needs to be replaced.


Upgrade your carbon monoxide detectors to a new Carrier detector today, and you’ll never again have to wonder…when did I last check those batteries?