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Why is my HVAC unit so loud?

5 Reasons Why Your HVAC Unit is Loud Do you find your HVAC unit excessively loud? You are not alone in your confusion. HVAC systems making abnormal sounds can be unsettling, and in this article, we discuss the 5 most…

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bathroom vent fan

Where’s the Best Place for a Bathroom Vent Fan?

When it comes to designing a home or undertaking renovations, there’s a lot of decisions to make. Some options, like tile and paint colors, countertop materials, and flooring are overwhelming. You’ll have to look at them for years! But, it…

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tax credits for hvac

How Can I Get Tax Credits for HVAC? 

Home renovations and upgrades are never a simple task. It takes time to research contractors and get estimates. And don’t forget needing all the appropriate permits and inspections that come with each step. Then there are expected expenses, unexpected expenses…

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sweaty registers

Sweaty Registers- What’s the Deal?

Sweating is an unfortunate part of life. And no one is more familiar with it than folks who live in the Southern States. The moment you step out into the wilds beyond your front door, it's a swamp city with…

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Why Do My Lights Keep Flickering?

"Are my flickering lights a problem?" Flickering, waning, dimming or blinking lights can be more than an irritating inconvenience. What seems like a minor annoyance could actually be a symptom of a more dangerous and complicated problem. Below, read about…

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Motion Sensor Lights: Are They Worth It?

Outdoor lighting is a necessity. Whether protecting your home from unwanted visitors or providing light so you do not have to fumble through your keys to unlock the door, visibility in the evening is beneficial for many situations. The problem,…

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