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Daikin Fit

Quiet Comfort with the Daikin Fit

Air Conditioning (AC) units are designed to provide a household with high quality air comfort. A good AC unit should provide heating and cooling on demand with only basic maintenance required through filter changes and service from a local, licensed Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) company. But can we ask more of our AC units and HVAC systems? A good air conditioning system should not only provide excellent air comfort, but it should do so in a way that does not intrude on your day-to-day life. The Daikin Fit offers a solution with it’s quiet, compact HVAC unit. 


Can an AC have Big Stick Ideology?

A good air conditioning system should, as President Theodore Roosevelt said when he was totally talking about air conditioning units, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” Of course, President Roosevelt was referencing the “stick” of superior air comfort and quality, right?

Regardless of historical HVAC quotes, air conditioning systems that rattle and roar while they operate can be a disturbance into the peace of daily life. Let’s highlight the main feature of the Daikin Fit that allows it to stand out among competing HVAC systems by blending seamlessly into your home environment.


Measuring Sound

Decibels (dB) are used to measure the intensity of sound. Total silence is measured as 0dB and increases as sounds get louder and louder. For example, a person speaking at a whisper is approximately 30dB, while a jet plane taking off is around 120dB! Human ears are very sensitive to sound and high-decibel noises can cause irritation and even damage to a person’s hearing. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), prolonged exposure to sounds at 70dB or over can cause damage to a person’s sense of hearing, up to and including hearing loss. It’s a surprisingly common-sense scale: if it’s loud enough to hurt your ears or make you feel upset to remain in the presence of, that sound will eventually damage your hearing. 


Protecting your Ears, Cooling Your Home

The typical Daikin system measures at 73dB for its sound rating. According to the CDC, this is below the threshold for hearing damage. In fact, it’s as loud as a “normal conversation.” This doesn’t seem loud but imagine the following: you’re enjoying a quiet morning and from the other side of your wall, someone starts up a conversation. Or during the tense part of a thrilling movie, someone decides to start a conversation. Even worse, you tuck your toddler in for bedtime and, outside their window, someone starts up a “normal conversation.” 

The Daikin Fit system ranks at approximately 56dB. That nearly 20db difference brings a sense of peace and quiet to your household that may not have considered possible, all without sacrificing air comfort. 


Quiet, Constant Air Comfort

On top of its quiet design, the Daikin Fit operates in a way that separates it from other HVAC systems. The Daikin Fit offers modern inverter technology to provide constant air comfort. Compare inverter technology to the cruise control on your car. Simply set the desired temperature for your household, and the Daikin Fit provides continuous service.

HVAC systems that lack inverter technology are like cars in gridlock. They must stop and start each time the air temperature fluctuates. Without inverter technology, HVAC systems create more noise as the on-off cycle repeats itself over and over again. Kind of like a person constantly clearing their throat! Because the Daiken Fit never needs to stop, it always remains in quiet operation. 

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The Big Problem with HVAC Units

If asked to describe an HVAC unit, most people would think of the large, bulky cube that sits on a concrete slab outside of their homes. HVAC units can be not only bulky and unsightly, but they can be obtrusive and get in the way of outdoor paths around a home. Homeowners are often forced to place HVAC units wherever space is available. This leads to the installation of a loud HVAC unit next to a family room or bedroom. In turn, the home’s acoustic atmosphere is disturbed by repetitive noise intrusions. What a nuisance!


Quiet and Compact

The Daikin Fit solves this problem in two ways. It provides both non-stop quiet operation with space-saving in mind. Compared to the typical cube style HVAC unit, the Daikin Fit unit is incredibly space efficient. It fits where traditional HVAC units can’t be installed. The Daikin Fit fits easily in narrow side yards, patios, backyards, balconies, or even flat rooftops. This HVAC system has a small footprint, offering space to spare. Mount it on the ground or on the wall to better suit your space needs.   

The Daikin Fit complements front porch rocking chairs, to nestle beside the back door without notice, allowing plenty of room for the kids’ to play and the pets to roam the yard. The quiet, unobtrusive design of the Daikin Fit allows it to seamlessly blend in with a home. This provides high quality air comfort with a design that won’t disrupt the beauty of your home. 


Silent Support

In conclusion, the Daikin Fit provides air comfort to homes through quiet, constant performance that won’t disturb your household. Its slim design works alongside homes, and can be placed in often-used spaces without generating distracting, unappealing noise. The Daikin Fit is designed for those who appreciate both the peace of mind that Daikin’s inverter technology provides and peace in their surroundings. Contact your local, licensed HVAC service provider to see if the Daikin Fit could become a quiet ally in your home’s search for calm surroundings. 

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