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Don’t Wait to Call for Service

Imagine you’re cruising down the Parkway one sunny afternoon when—uh-oh!—you realize your “Check Engine” light has just come on. And even more alarming, a strange thunkity-thunkity noise is coming from beneath your car’s hood! Do you just keep driving, hoping…

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Are all Air Filters the Same?

By now you’ve probably heard how important it is to change your home’s air filter on a regular basis. But when the time comes to replace it, does it really matter what kind of filter you choose? Aren’t all filters…

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Is it a cold or home allergies?

  When many of us think of allergies, we think of springtime, flowers blooming, and clouds of pollen in the air. And on our cars. And coating pretty much everything else outside. But some of the most severe allergies can…

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What is that burning smell?

First off: Don’t panic. It’s completely normal for your heater to give off a burning smell when you turn it on for the first time after several months of not using it. If you’ve just turned on the heat and…

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What is Emergency Heat for?

For your convenience you can listen to the article here: If you have a heat pump, you may have noticed a switch or setting on your thermostat labeled “Emergency Heat,” and wondered, what is that? And if it gets really…

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How to efficiently use a heat pump

  Because of the relatively mild winters we have in the Tennessee Valley, many homeowners here choose to install an incredibly energy efficient type of heating system known as a heat pump, rather than a traditional furnace. Using a heat…

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Keeping Energy Bill Down in Winter

Every winter, as the outside temperatures drop, the heating bills begin to rise. And we all know that one way to save money on those bills is to turn down your thermostat a few degrees. But if you don’t want…

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