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Don’t Wait to Call for Service

Imagine you’re cruising down the Parkway one sunny afternoon when—uh-oh!—you realize your “Check Engine” light has just come on. And even more alarming, a strange thunkity-thunkity noise is coming from beneath your car’s hood! Do you just keep driving, hoping it will go away on its own, or do you head for your trusted mechanic’s shop while you still can?

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Hopefully, we all know to choose the latter option. But when it comes to HVAC systems, too many homeowners instead choose to do the equivalent of driving on and ignore the signals that something has gone wrong. Your HVAC system does not have a warning light. When you realize that it’s not working the way that it should, that’s a sign to call your trusted HVAC professionals before things get even worse.

Service Technicians Can Help

There are several reasons not to wait to call for help when HVAC problems arise.

  • Much like cars, HVAC systems rarely repair themselves! In fact, not only will these problems most likely not go away on their own, untreated they can quickly get worse.
  • Dirty condenser coils can become damaged condenser coils.
  • Restricted airflow can lead to a burnt-out blower fan.
  • Built-up condensation can rust your heat exchanger, causing it to crack.
  • What started as a relatively simple and inexpensive issue can turn into a very costly repair. It could even lead to the entire unit needing to be replaced!

Save Money with Regular Maintenance

Meanwhile, when your HVAC system is struggling due to issues like these, it isn’t running as efficiently as it ought to be. That means you’ll be paying more on your utility bills each month, even though you likely won’t be as comfortable as you would be if the system were working properly. Do you really want to pay more money for less comfort?

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Finally, this isn’t only a matter of damage to your wallet. HVAC issues that aren’t fixed in a timely manner can lead to health and safety hazards. Some problems, particularly electrical ones, can cause fire hazards. And furnaces with cracked heat exchangers can pump odorless, invisible, and extremely deadly carbon monoxide gas into your home.

So, when problems with your HVAC system arise, don’t wait to call your trusted HVAC professionals. And even if you’re not having problems yet, consider signing up for Conditioned Air Solutions’ Service Partner Plan. For a low monthly fee, your HVAC system will get a thorough check-up twice a year, which can be a big help in keeping those minor issues from turning into major headaches, plus you’ll get a discounted rate on any needed repairs. It’s a budget-friendly way to keep your system performing at its best, so you won’t get caught doing the HVAC equivalent of driving around with your “Check Engine” light on!

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