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My Heat Pump is Smoking! What’s Going On?

With winter in full force, you want to make sure your heat pump is working properly. But what happens if you see smoke rising from your heat pump? Is there something wrong with it? Let’s explore what is happening when…

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Commercial Heating and Cooling Information

Commercial Phrases Here at Conditioned Air Solutions we handle residential as well as commercial heating and cooling needs.  Our licensed technicians will help you decide which products would benefit your business.  They do this by finding out the different attributes…

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Does My Home Have a Heat Pump?

  Whether you own a home or rent, it’s important to know what kind of HVAC system you have. One question we frequently get is, does my home have a heat pump? To help you answer this question for yourself,…

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Daikin Heat Pumps

    Daikin heat pumps provide reliable, high-efficiency heating and cooling all year long. With a wide range of features and efficiency ratings available, Daikin has heat pumps to fit just about every home. Let’s take a look at some…

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Daikin Package Dual Fuel (Hybrid)

    Here in the Tennessee Valley, heat pumps have become a very popular option for heating and cooling homes. That’s because heat pumps are exceptionally efficient in the climate we have here, with temperatures staying above freezing for most…

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Daikin Split Heat Pumps with Inverter Technology

    Daikin split heat pumps with inverter technology provide reliable, high-efficiency heating and cooling all year long. Homeowners can choose between 18 SEER and 20 SEER units (which actually go up to 19 SEER and 21 SEER, respectively). Let’s…

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