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Thermal Management: How Liebert Keeps Data Centers Cool

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) is a part of building management at any size. A home’s air conditioning unit or heat pump is the most common image of an HVAC unit. However, possible applications for HVAC systems are endless. Skyscrapers, military bases, scientific research labs, and even the International Space Station have their own HVAC systems with very specific requirements, especially for thermal management. 

When it comes to corporate buildings, HVAC goes well beyond making sure that employees are provided with clean, comfortable air. That’s where companies like Liebert step up. They ensure that no matter what the need, they have HVAC solutions to keep businesses running at peak performance. Liebert is a top supplier of thermal solutions thanks to their innovation.


CAT5 On a Hot Tin Roof

If you peek behind the curtain of pretty much any modern convenience, you will find a data center hard at work. Data centers can be a single room, section of a building, or even multiple buildings, dedicated to technological device operations. According to Paolo Alto Networks, a data center is “a facility that centralizes an organization’s shared IT operations and equipment for the purposes of storing, processing, and disseminating data and applications.” Pretty much, if you’ve got a piece of technology that’s connected to the Internet, it’s probably reliant on a data center somewhere to keep it functioning. 

No matter what the purpose or company, data centers are full of constantly running devices like servers. These devices rely heavily on thermal management because they produce a lot of heat. If the heat builds up too much it can hinder or even damage the operation of a data center. Humidity and the cleanliness of the air are also very important. These rooms must meet specific air quality levels to ensure best performance. So what can Liebert offer in terms of keeping a data center cool through thermal management?


The Liebert CWA Thermal Wall

Aptly named, these walls are literally built with the goal of controlling a large data center’s temperature. They provide a more fine-tuned level of control in large spaces compared to standard HVAC systems. Thermal walls minimize hotspots and offer finely-tuned control that reduces human error. The Liebert CWA Thermal Walls are modular and can be customized for the intended building. This provides ease of installment and cost reduction through superior, efficient performance.


Liebert Thermal Control and Monitoring

No one wants their workforce hindered by having to constantly monitor the conditions of the data center they’re operating. Liebert offers several solutions to help manage the thermal control requirements of a data center. Their iCOM and iCOM-S controls help automate temperature adjustments. There are also retrofit options available for buildings with an existing thermal control system that want to upgrade their level of control. The controls offered also boast a high level of protection, also providing leak detectors to ensure systems work uninterrupted with limited maintenance and repair. 


Liquid Cooling Systems

Liquid cooling is an extremely efficient way to remove heat from computer systems found in data centers. describes liquid cooling like “a radiator for the processors inside a computer.” Much like the name implies, a tube filled with liquid runs along a heat sink near the heat-producing devices. These tubes draw heat away from the devices, the liquid is allowed to cool, and then the process repeats itself. This constantly removes heat and keeps temperatures at levels for maximum efficiency. Liebert also pairs this with leak detection services. This way, there are no incidents where the liquid escapes the cooling system, causing damage. 


Evaporative Free Cooling

Touted by Liebert as a way to “futureproof” your company’s HVAC needs, evaporative free cooling is a clever method to keep indoor spaces cool. Instead of relying entirely on refrigerant, evaporative free cooling uses the ambient outdoor temperature to remove the heat from a building. This is a cost-efficient and more environmentally friendly way to help keep a data center at the right temperature.


A Focus on Superior Service

An HVAC system that provides superior service can only exist with superior technicians to provide installation, maintenance, and repair work. Liebert HVAC systems, no matter what the size, style, or requirements, absolutely demand upkeep by licensed and specifically-trained HVAC technicians. To ensure your data center’s thermal needs will be met, Liebert offers training courses for local HVAC technicians. This gives technicians the ability to provide maintenance and repair as needed. It is always best to leave HVAC work to the professionals as any amateur attempts can damage the components of a system, or worse, cause serious harm to the people trying to do the work. Professional service not only ensures your HVAC system will work at optimum efficiency, but will also protect employee safety and wellbeing. 

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Liebert at the Heart of Data Center Thermal Control

Data centers are a critical part of modern life, and more are being built each day. Each individual center can have different requirements when it comes to thermal management depending on size, the processes done there, and the location of the data center. Liebert provides custom solutions to make sure data centers are able to function efficiently and securely through providing excellent, specifically-designed HVAC systems. Paired with professional, highly trained HVAC service providers, Liebert thermal control will make sure the data we all need, be it critical business info or cat video, keeps flowing smoothly.  

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