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Daikin’s whole-house air conditioner systems provide efficient and extremely reliable cooling on even the hottest summer days. With a wide range of features and efficiency ratings available, Daikin has air conditioners to fit just about every home. Let’s take a look at some of the options available so you can decide whether a Daikin whole-house air conditioner is right for you.

What is a Split System?

Daikin’s whole-house air conditioners are split systems. That means the system is actually composed of two units—an outside unit containing the condenser and compressor as well as an indoor unit containing the fan and the evaporator coil. Refrigerant lines connect the two units.

The fan draws warm air from inside your home and blows that air over the cool evaporator coils. The refrigerant inside those evaporator coils absorbs the heat from the air and carries it to the outside unit where the heat is released. Meanwhile, the now-cooled air circulates through the ductwork into the rooms of your home.

Split systems for air conditioners are preferred today because they’re capable of being more efficient than packaged systems consisting of one single unit. Plus, split systems are less noisy because the compressor is located outdoors.

The Heart of the Air Conditioner

The compressor is essentially the heart of any air conditioner. Unlike most HVAC companies, Daikin actually designs and manufactures the compressors used in many of their air conditioners rather than relying on an outside source. This allows Daikin to maintain very high standards for quality control.

Daikin’s air conditioners use scroll compressors, which have fewer moving parts than traditional compressors. This makes scroll compressors quieter and more reliable, often leading to longer lifespans.

Daikin’s 15 SEER air conditioners, like the DX14SA model, use a standard single-stage compressor. That means the compressor can only run at one speed—it’s either on at maximum capacity or completely off. However, Daikin’s higher SEER air conditioners use compressors that can run at multiple speeds.

For instance, the 16 SEER and 19 SEER air conditioners incorporate two-stage compressors. Two-stage compressors can run at a lower, partial capacity when your home doesn’t need the maximum capacity for cooling.

Daikin’s incredibly efficient 24.5 SEER air conditioner with inverter technology takes this to the next level.  This air conditioner’s Daikin Inside variable-speed compressor with inverter technology is able to make tiny adjustments in order to run at precisely the optimal speed. Plus, it can ramp up and down when turning on and off.

Why Slower Speeds Can Be Better

There are many advantages to two-stage and variable-speed compressors’ ability to run at less than maximum capacity. First, running at the lower stage allows your air conditioner to run longer and slower, holding your home’s temperature at a more consistently comfortable level compared to a single-stage air conditioner that’s frequently turning on and off.

Second, running at a lower speed saves energy because the air conditioner isn’t wasting electricity by running at maximum capacity when it isn’t necessary. Plus, air conditioners use the most energy when they’re first starting up. Longer run times mean fewer starts and stops. It’s just like how your car gets better gas mileage on the highway than in city traffic.

Another major advantage of those longer run times is that it improves dehumidification. Here in the Tennessee Valley, reducing your home’s humidity makes a big difference for summer comfort!

Other Great Daikin Features

In addition to the compressor, Daikin’s whole-house air conditioners have many other great features that improve efficiency and reliability. All models use refrigeration-grade premium copper tubing and have aluminum fin condenser coil configuration. These features maximize their ability to transfer heat. Again, this makes the unit more energy-efficient, saving you money on those monthly bills.

And all the models use R-410A refrigerant, which is more efficient and better for the environment than the old R-22. Additionally, all the models include a high-density compressor sound blanket to decrease noise.

Moving the Air

All Daikin whole-house air conditioner units have special condenser fans designed to reduce noise and increase efficiency. However, the condenser fan motors vary between units. Essentially, the fan motors are matched to the compressors. So the 15 SEER unit with a single-stage compressor also has a single-speed fan, while the 24.5 SEER unit with the variable-speed compressor has an ECM fan motor that can vary its speed as well.


Daikin has some of the best warranty protection in the industry. The specific warranties offered vary based on the particular unit. All of Daikin’s whole-house air conditioners come with a 12 Year Parts Limited Warranty and the 15 SEER unit also comes with a 6 Year Unit Replacement Limited Warranty. Many of the higher-SEER units take that protection to the next level with a 12 Year Unit Replacement Warranty.

All of these warranties require online registration within 60 days of purchase. The Unit Replacement Limited Warranty also has requirements for annual maintenance.


Daikin’s whole-house air conditioners can keep you cool even in our hot, humid summers, and they can be paired with a gas furnace for year-round comfort. Purchasing a new HVAC system is a major long-term investment for your home. Our Comfort Consultants can help you choose the best system for your home and family.

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