From Redstone Arsenal to local mom and pop shops and everything in between, our Commercial Department can handle it all! Our Liebert certified technicians can handle your Liebert thermal and power systems!

  • Military
  • Data Centers
  • Warehouses
  • Commercial Indoor Air Quality
  • Sterile environments
  • Hydronic
  • Churches
  • Multi story buildings
  • Multi tenant buildings
  • Cooling Towers
  • VA homes
  • Hospitals
  • Heat Pumps
  • Surgery Centers
  • Large Commercial
  • Schools
  • Hum V trucks
  • Large Commercial

When it comes to heating and air, there is a big difference between your home and a commercial building.

It takes a different skill set to diagnose a problem with a multi-story building’s cooling tower and computer control system than it does your home’s split heat pump. Square footage, floor plan, and the number of people all play a part, that’s why we have separate divisions for home and commercial services. We train our technicians to specialize in one area or the other because it takes a different skill set to diagnose a problem with a multi-story building’s cooling tower and computer control system then it does your home’s split heat pump. Yes we have a couple of cross-trained technicians, but most of our technicians work exclusively on one or the other.

Don’t worry, we don’t burden you with separate phone numbers or email addresses for each division – just email or call our office and we’ll dispatch a technician who is trained for your particular equipment!

Although most of our website focuses on homeowners, you can be assured that we have a large commercial division with decades of experience.  We  appreciate all of our customers from small businesses, to high-rises and of course our church customers!


We know Huntsville’s buildings

We know Huntsville! There are few commercial buildings in Huntsville with which we are not familiar – you name a building and chances are one of our technicians has worked on it.  As a commercial customer, we know that you depend on us to keep your systems running – you can’t afford for your customers and tenants to have problems!  That’s one reason we offer 24-hour emergency service.


You know the importance of maintenance

Like you, we are big believers in maintenance.  We focus on maintenance year-round, unlike some contractors who treat maintenance as an afterthought. We know that ignoring maintenance issues can be a costly mistake which is why we schedule our maintenance with the same urgency as we do everything else.  We pride ourselves on diligently performing maintenance tasks and have done so since we first opened for business.

But we can’t forget the best part- we won’t lock you into a maintenance contract!  We believe we should earn our money every month, and if we don’t, you should be free to find a better contractor.  We think companies who lock you in are usually hiding their poor performance! All of our maintenance contracts have a simple cancellation clause: either party can terminate it at any time for any reason with a simple 30-day notice.  If you don’t have that now with your current provider, it might be time to make the switch to Conditioned Air Solutions.


Commercial Construction, Build-outs, Remodeling

We focus on our core skills every day, at every job. They are: service, maintenance, change outs, remodeling and build-out projects.

As we mentioned before, it takes different technicians for residential work and commercial work, so it only makes sense that it takes different skills and a different business model to do commercial construction.  We have you covered whatever your need may be.


No job too big or too small for this team!