Imagine for a moment that you come home after a long day and realize that your ceiling is dripping water onto your carpet down below. This is bad, you know it is bad, but you are terrified to find out what is wrong, and what kind of damage there is.

The Wet Switch® by Diversitech, is designed to protect your walls, ceilings, carpet and other materials that can be damaged by water. The primary purpose of the Wet Switch® is to detect condensate water overflow. Just like a glass of ice water that sweats in the heat, your air conditioner can form condensation.

In some cases, the condensation is extreme causing the water to collect and overflow. There could also be a clog in the drain line, your unit could be frozen, or there was an issue when the unit was installed. Without a Wet Switch®, you will not know there is a problem until it is too late.

Your Wet Switch® is intended to let you know when there is a problem. Since the switch is 24 VAC controlled, the moment that the hydrophilic pad senses the water, an alarm sounds and the unit cuts off. Once the issue is resolved, the Wet Switch can then be manually reset.

Some other great things about the Wet Switch:

        You can connect several together to handle large drain pan areas

        It is small, only about the size of a hockey puck

        There is a test button.  Just like on a smoke detector, you’re confident it will work

        Stainless steel sensors detect even the tiniest amount of water

The Wet Switch® is a great investment when it comes to preventing damage to your home when your air conditioner is in need of repair.