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hosting for the holiday season

Hosting During the Holiday Season- HVAC Tips to Keep Everyone Comfy

Bringing friends and family together is part of what makes the holiday season so special. As a host, you can spend weeks planning for making a loved one’s visit perfect. There are fun local activities, meal planning, decorating the house, and making sure there are enough blankets and comfy pillows in the guest room. However, hosting during the holiday season also brings with it some tension, especially over the temperature in your home.

Your home’s air temperature can become a spot of contention no matter how well you get along with your guests. Uncle Virgil might insist that the house be kept at sixty-four degrees night and day while Great-Grandma Carol keeps sneaking away to crank the heat up to seventy-eight. These hot-and-cold wars can leave the household sweating and the power bill soaring, so what can be done to bring peace to your thermostat? Although it may seem like a daunting task, here are a few different ways you can adjust your home’s heating and cooling to keep everyone in good spirits.


Duct the Halls

If you are hosting guests that want to change the temperature of their room, their options are limited. Opening a window during the winter months may not be possible due to snow, sleet, and rain. A stand-alone fan can help provide air flow and make a room feel cooler, and a portable heater can bring some warmth to a room, but these may not be available. You may also have too many guests in too many rooms to have what everyone wants. One surefire way to make certain that each room is comfortable for those using it is through ductless heating.

There are two types of heating and cooling systems: central and ductless. Central is called that because it is controlled by a “central” air handling unit that moves air around an entire house through a system of ductwork hidden behind the walls. A ductless system, as you might guess, lacks the main unit and instead has multiple smaller air handling units throughout a house. These units are not connected to one another, but are connected to an outdoor unit that provides their heating and cooling abilities. Because each unit is able to work independently, you can set each room to a different temperature! 

The ability to have different temperatures in different rooms is a great way to add flexibility to the air comfort of your house. Guests can be in control of their own room, and you can rest easy knowing that they are not in full control of your home’s temperature. If you are considering updating or replacing a central air handler, a new ductless system may be the perfect gift. 

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Caulking Around the Christmas Tree

A full upgrade to your home’s Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system may not be in the cards, but there are lots of ways to make sure your home’s air isn’t getting lost through leaks and gaps in your home. As you prepare for hosting during the holiday season, take a moment to inspect any possible places where air might be entering or leaving your house. Prime areas to check are around windows and doors where gaps can occur over time. These spots can cause drafts which are both uncomfortable and inefficient for your HVAC system.

The simple solution is to block any drafts by removing old, dried caulk or weather stripping and replace it with new material. You can also buy “draft blockers” that fit underneath doors that may not perfectly meet with the floor. You can purchase these draft solutions at a local home improvement store, which come in a variety of colors to suit your home. It might not be as festive as setting out carved pumpkins or hanging Christmas lights, but it will help you stay comfortable and save money for years to come. 

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Jingle Bell Frock

A fun way to help your guests stay comfortable is providing them with some festive ways to stay at the temperature that’s right for them! Providing extra blankets in each room for guests to use as they wish, as well as throw blankets around the house provide warm spots for those who get chilly. If you want, you can even do a little early gift giving with slippers, no-slip socks, and warm robes! For those who want to stay cool, cotton and bamboo fabrics help keep things cozy without overheating. 

You can also provide food and drink to help people stay happy. A crock-pot filled with a hot drink (like apple cider with cinnamon sticks, a few cloves, and orange slices) can provide guests with a self-serve warming treat. If folks need to cool down you can offer egg nog. If you have actual winter weather, cold drinks kept out in the garage will keep them chilled with no need for the fridge! With any luck this will keep your chill-inclined guests comfortable without the need to open any windows. 


HVAC! The Herald Angels Sing!

When it comes to hosting for the holiday season, don’t fret about making sure your guests have the air comfort they crave. Talk with them ahead of time to discover their indoor comfort preferences and use our suggestions to keep everyone happy. If you have any doubts about your house being ready for company, contact your local, licensed HVAC service provider. They can assess your home and make suggestions for how your air comfort and energy costs can be improved. Whether you have central or ductless air, like your house hot or cold, or are on the naughty or nice list, at least you know everyone will come together in good spirits and good comfort.

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