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Why Do My Lights Keep Flickering?

"Are my flickering lights a problem?" Flickering, waning, dimming or blinking lights can be more than an irritating inconvenience. What seems like a minor annoyance could actually be a symptom of a more dangerous and complicated problem. Below, read about…

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Great Guards of Wire: Choosing the Right Coil Guard

Air conditioners and heat pumps seem like they should have a long, boring existence, but the reality of their service life can be filled with hazards. Year-round weather like rain, snow, and hail, pests and pets “making their mark,” carelessly…

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Don’t Scare Your HVAC System this Halloween

It’s Halloween season, and you’ve done everything right to prepare. You have the cobwebs strewn around the hedges, a few pumpkins carved and lit on the front porch, and you’ve loaded up on candy for every trick or treater that…

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