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HVAC Technician Appreciation Day!


Did you know that June 22 is HVAC Technician Appreciation Day? Since June 21 is the first official day of summer, it’s a perfect time to show our appreciation for the highly-skilled, hard-working HVAC technicians that keep us cool and comfortable even on the steamiest summer days.

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HVAC Technicians Have Skills!

HVAC technicians work in a challenging but also highly rewarding field. Becoming a licensed HVAC technician takes serious training. Some get that training in trade schools, others learn on the job, but either way, HVAC technicians have to learn a broad range of knowledge and skills.

For instance, think about all the different types of equipment that a skilled HVAC technician has to be familiar with. Just to start with, there are heat pumps and air conditioners plus gas, oil, and electric furnaces and boilers. And there are mini-split and multi-split ductless systems in addition to the central ducted

But that’s not all. Today’s HVAC technicians may find themselves working on geothermal, wood-burning, or solar-powered heating and cooling units, not to mention indoor air quality equipment like energy-recovery ventilators, dehumidifiers, and electronic air cleaners.

Additionally, HVAC technicians need to understand the rest of the HVAC system—not just the unit itself, but also the ductwork, zoning systems, and thermostats.

Many HVAC technicians also deal with refrigeration and water heating, adding yet another set of skills to their repertoire. And all this work requires them to have some skills in other trades as well, like plumbing and electrical.

Plus, the available HVAC equipment is constantly changing, as manufacturers innovate and develop new technology. So HVAC technicians can’t just learn their trade and then coast on that knowledge for the next thirty years. They’ve always got to be keeping up and learning about the next big thing.

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When the Going Gets Tough, HVAC Techs Keep Going!

HVAC technicians frequently find themselves working under tough conditions. After all, most people’s HVAC doesn’t break down when the weather is pleasant, right? Nope, most breakdowns occur during the hottest and coldest months of the year.

During the summer, this can mean HVAC techs end up working in attics that are 120F or hotter. That kind of heat isn’t just miserable—it can be dangerous! HVAC technicians have to know how to keep themselves hydrated and avoid heat stroke in order to do their job of keeping you cool.

Sometimes HVAC technicians have to climb down inside of walls to reach ductwork that needs to be repaired or replaced. And in addition to working up high in attics, HVAC technicians often work under homes, down in the crawlspace, and that presents its own set of challenges.

First, crawlspaces can be very tight spaces, requiring HVAC techs to work in uncomfortable positions and with little room to move. Plus, a lot of crawlspaces aren’t quite as clean and dry as they ought to be.

We asked our HVAC technicians for some of the worst things they’ve encountered in crawlspaces. Their answers included not just squirrels and mice, but lots of other critters, including snakes, frogs, raccoons, and possums.

Sometimes those critters were alive—sometimes they were dead and rotting. Either way, it doesn’t make for pleasant working conditions!

The worst, though, according to our technicians, were the creepy-crawlies. One HVAC technician recounted the time he had to work in a crawlspace filled with ticks! Another told the story of finding a massive black widow nest under a home, with at least fifty black widow spiders.

But even under these gruesome conditions, HVAC technicians find a way to get the job done so your home and family can stay comfortable. That definitely deserves some appreciation!

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HVAC Technicians Are There When You Need Them!

An HVAC technician’s job is anything but routine and predictable. Rather than going into the same office every day, an HVAC technician may find themselves traveling all over the county. Every day, HVAC techs go to new places, meet new people, and face new challenges—and for many technicians, that’s their favorite part of the job!

HVAC technicians find ways to help people stay safe and comfortable in their homes. That requires people skills in addition to all the technical skills an HVAC tech has to have.

And it often means that an HVAC technician’s job doesn’t just happen during the 9-5, Monday through Friday work week. Technicians have to be on call to help people in emergencies, like when the air conditioning goes out on a 95 degree day or the heat dies during an ice storm.

In fact, in those situations, an HVAC technician can be a real superhero! If you’ve ever tried to struggle through an August weekend in Alabama without air conditioning, you know exactly what I mean.

HVAC technicians have a tough, challenging, and extremely important job. Show your HVAC technician some appreciation today!

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