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The Awesomeness of the Daikin Fit

Did you know that Daikin is the number one air conditioning company in the world? In fact, Daikin has installed millions of systems in over 140 countries. While Daikin was founded in Japan, today the company manufactures HVAC units here in the United States. They even have a plant right here in the Tennessee Valley!

Over the past 90 years, Daikin has earned a global reputation for high quality and technological innovation. Their new Daikin Fit air conditioning system is a perfect example of industry-leading, 21st century technology designed to enhance the comfort and efficiency of your home.

The Daikin Fit offers features that bring it far above and beyond your standard air conditioning unit. Let’s take a look at what makes the Fit so special.

The Daikin Fit’s Inverter is Quieter and Saves Energy

When we talk about HVAC systems with inverter technology, we specifically mean air conditioners and heat pumps with inverter-driven compressors. The inverter can modulate the electrical current running into the compressor’s motor.

What this means in functional terms is that the inverter can adjust the speed at which the motor runs, turning it up and down like a dimmer switch.

By running continuously at a slow speed rather than frequently starting and stopping, the Daikin Fit keeps your home’s temperature more consistent. Plus, it’s more energy efficient!

The Proof is in the Amps

If you want to see just how much more energy efficient the Daikin Fit is, check out its amp draw. Amp draw is the measure of how much electricity is drawn by an appliance in a certain amount of time.

Traditional central air conditioners generally draw a minimum of 17 amps—and they may go as high as 60 amps, depending on the size of the system.

But a four-ton Daikin Fit system draws less than 4 amps. That’s less than a quarter of the amps drawn by a comparable traditional air conditioner. It’s even lower than the amp draw of many window air conditioner units!

By comparison, a standard residential dishwasher draws 5 amps and a refrigerator draws 7.5 amps. That’s right—the Daikin Fit air conditioner draws fewer amps than basic kitchen appliances.

This significantly lower amp draw adds up to big energy savings and reduces the load on your home’s electrical system.

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So Quiet You Won’t Even Know It’s Running

Traditional air conditioners often make a lot of noise, especially as they cycle on and off. The lower-speed, continuous operation of a Daikin Fit means less noise and fewer abrupt changes in sound level.

In fact, the Daikin Fit is designed to operate at less than 50 decibels. That’s quieter than the sound of an indoor conversation.

In addition to running at a low volume, the Fit is also specially designed to run at a lower, less whiny pitch than traditional air conditioners. Most of the time, you won’t even notice that the Fit is running, even when it’s installed in a small space like a patio or terrace.

If your air conditioner unit is located near a window or bedroom, this can really make a difference in your comfort and sleep. And it won’t bother you when you’re entertaining outdoors or enjoying your backyard.

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It Fits Your Space

Another innovative and exciting feature of the Daikin Fit is its size and shape. The Fit is a low-profile, side-discharge unit that can fit into very small spaces.

In fact, you could fit three Daikin Fit units in the space it would take for the average large square box unit! This means you can have a lot more options for where to locate your unit, such as placing it in a narrow side yard where a standard unit wouldn’t fit.

The Fit is perfect for zero lot lines, rooftop and patio installations, or simply not taking up valuable room in your backyard. It can even be mounted on an outside wall, off the ground.

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It Fits Your Budget

While many units with inverter technology are outside the price range of the average homeowner, the Daikin Fit is priced to fit your budget.

The Fit’s affordable price paired with its big potential for energy savings means that the unit can pay for itself much faster than other new air conditioners.

Better Air For Your Home

In addition to increasing efficiency and comfort, the Daikin Fit’s inverter technology can improve your home’s indoor air quality. Continuous operation improves dehumidification—a big advantage here in the Tennessee Valley.

And since the Fit will be constantly circulating the air throughout your HVAC system and your home, the air will be getting filtered more regularly. This can make your home’s air fresher and cleaner even without the addition of a whole-home air purifier.

But if you want to really clean up your home’s air, the Fit is also compatible with Daikin’s Premium Air Cleaner.


We’re excited to offer the Daikin Fit. It’s a truly innovative and high quality product that offers 21st century comfort and efficiency at an affordable price. Call us to find out whether the Daikin Fit is a good “fit” for your home today!

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