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tax credits for hvac

How Can I Get Tax Credits for HVAC? 

Home renovations and upgrades are never a simple task. It takes time to research contractors and get estimates. And don’t forget needing all the appropriate permits and inspections that come with each step. Then there are expected expenses, unexpected expenses…

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Motion Sensor Lights: Are They Worth It?

Outdoor lighting is a necessity. Whether protecting your home from unwanted visitors or providing light so you do not have to fumble through your keys to unlock the door, visibility in the evening is beneficial for many situations. The problem,…

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The Awesomeness of the Daikin Fit

Did you know that Daikin is the number one air conditioning company in the world? In fact, Daikin has installed millions of systems in over 140 countries. While Daikin was founded in Japan, today the company manufactures HVAC units here…

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Top Eight Most Common HVAC Problems

We see a wide variety of problems with HVAC systems, but there are a few issues that come up most often. Proper maintenance can help to avoid some of these problems and catch others before they become more costly and…

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Maintenance Contracts for HVAC: Are They a Good Investment?

What are Service or Maintenance Contracts? Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) providers offer special, add-on agreements where for a set charge, you are guaranteed ongoing services for your system. An HVAC maintenance plan is outside any manufacturer's warranty that…

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Summertime $avings Tips for Lower Energy Bills

Easy Habits to Create Better Routines and Save Money   No one will blame you for turning up the air conditioning (AC) during a heat wave. Depending on where you live, that simple action could cause your electricity bills to…

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4 Common HVAC Myths Busted!

In the HVAC industry, we hear a lot of misinformation getting passed around as fact. These HVAC myths can lead to inefficiency, decreased comfort, and even equipment breakdowns. Let’s take a look at some of the common HVAC myths and…

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