We’re big believers in the power of technology, but only to the extent that it improves our relationship with you! If it doesn’t make *your* life easier, what’s the point?

What you *won’t* ever see is an automated answering system where you have to push a bunch of buttons to get to a live person.  When you dial our number, you always speak to a real human being.

So how do we use technology to make your life easier?  Here are some examples:

  • Our phone system has plenty of incoming lines, and we’ve got plenty of people to answer them, so you should always quickly get the help you need.
  • We treat email seriously!  Sometimes when you send an email, you wonder whether you’ll ever hear back – not with us!  Our primary incoming addresses (Service@ConditionedAirSolutions.com and Info@ConditionedAirSolutions.com) are monitored all day by 5 separate people and our goal is to respond as soon as humanly possible!  That means that emailing us to set up a service call can be as fast or faster than calling us.
  • Before each service call, we email you a picture and bio of the technician who will be taking care of you.  That way you know exactly who to expect, and won’t have a “stranger” showing up at your door!
  • Our service vans and installation trucks have GPS locators and displays so our technicians can find you quickly, and you don’t have to spend time giving us directions.
  • All of our technicians have an iPhone, which allow them to have more detailed information about your system and to more easily communicate with the office.  Their iPhones allow them to take pictures or videos of your equipment to share with you – for example, they can photograph the duct system under your house and then show you exactly what they saw, or they can text pictures to your spouse at work if you want to make a joint decision about your repair.
  • Our technicians can swipe your credit card right on their iPhones.  You sign with your finger and immediately receive a detailed email with all the information about your charge.
  • Our iPhones have HVAC apps that allow them to diagnose your problem more quickly and accurately.
  • Our comfort consultants use iPhones, iPads, notebook computers, and mobile printers to show you options, help you understand our products, and print personalized proposals right in your home.