Paul Snowden

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As VP of North Alabama, Paul oversees all aspects of our company. He has been with Conditioned Air since 2005.

He started working with his brother-in-law during the summers while he was in high school to earn some extra money and upon graduation decided to go full time with a residential HVAC company close to his house.

His drive to learn more and interest in fixing problems kept him going. He was given the opportunity to become a service manager early in his career and found a whole other side of the industry that he really enjoyed.

Not only is it in his blood, it is in his personality – there isn’t a building or home he walks into that he doesn’t instantly start evaluating the HVAC system.

The thing Paul enjoys most is exploring new ideas and ways of doing things; being part of a new plan and having to figure out what’s working, what’s not working and most importantly what to do next to be successful. Paul gets his greatest sense of accomplishment from helping people – whether it is a technical issue, an employee challenge, or a customer issue.

His favorite work story is the night he had his 6-month pregnant wife on the roof at midnight holding a flashlight for him so he could get the news room unit working for a local television station.

Paul is our premier example of a family man. He also enjoys driving his Jeep, grilling, going to live football games (hardcore San Francisco 49ers fan), concerts, boating, fishing and (especially) traveling. Paul is married to his wife Amanda and has two children: Sarah and Cole. He also has two sisters and several nieces and nephews.

Paul was an Army brat so he’s from all over. He’s settled in Huntsville now and plans to be here for a long time!