We do more than five thousand HVAC service, maintenance, and replacement jobs each year, so we’re in a lot of homes and commercial buildings around Huntsville and Madison County.  Our knowledge of the industry and this area often causes people to ask us what other companies around here do quality heating and air conditioning work.  

What makes a good HVAC Company? (questions to ask)

  1. Does the company specialize (commercial, residential, service only)?
  2. Are their employees and their equipment presentable?
  3. Do they have liability and workers comp insurance, and a business license?
  4. Do they have a physical address you could visit, not just a P.O. box?
  5. Do they have reviews and references that can be found online?
  6. Do they install equipment that matches your needs and budget?
  7. Do they offer a long term relationship after installation (service, maintenance, etc.)? 

We don’t believe in talking bad about people, but we do believe in giving good companies their due.  If you are in the market to get quotes from other companies, here are some commercial and residential companies who do solid work in the Huntsville area:

  • The Hutchens Company –  North Alabama based Hutchens provides pipe-fitting and a variety of commercial HVAC services and maintenance including installation and boiler controls.
  • Annette Hale Indoor Comfort Systems Based in Huntsville, Annette Hale is a full-service heating and cooling contractor who also does a lot of HVAC for new home construction.
  • Pro Air Services, Inc. –  Pro Air is another company that has a good service department and provides great industrial HVAC/R services for large industrial projects and plants throughout the Tennessee Valley.
  • Alabama Climate Control – A well established local company, Alabama Climate Control is service and replacement oriented and will assess the situation within your system, and make the proper adjustments and repairs.
  • Superior Heating & Air, Inc. Superior is a dependable local residential HVAC that provides sales, service, and installation on different makes and models.
  • Environmental Systems Corporation – Environmental Systems is a well established company that provides large commercial construction and building services to North Alabama and Southern Tennessee. They have a strong customer service department as well.

So there are some companies to consider if you’re getting quotes for your Huntsville, Alabama heating and air conditioning needs.

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