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Daikin’s New VRV LIFE Systems Bring VRV Technology to Your Home


Daikin invented the Variable Refrigerant Volume technology back in 1982. VRV (or VRF, as it’s also known) has earned a reputation as the “Rolls Royce of HVAC” for commercial buildings. Daikin is now bringing the outstanding efficiency, flexibility, and comfort of VRV systems into your home. This is possible with the launch of their new VRV LIFE system,

Let’s take a look at what this exciting new system has to offer!

What Is VRV Technology?

For a detailed explanation of VRV technology, check out our article on VRV technology here. If you just want the basics for now, here’s the quick version:

A Variable Refrigerant Volume system generally consists of an outdoor unit connected by refrigerant piping to multiple inside air handlers. VRV systems combine inverter technology with special electronic valves. This is to precisely control both the speed of the compressor and the amount of refrigerant flowing to each individual inside unit.

This precise control means that the system runs extremely efficiently. It allows for zoning that can keep every room at exactly the right temperature. Air conditioning systems with inverter technology use about 30% less energy than non-inverter air conditioners. This is while the inverter keeps the temperature more consistent and steady.

Due to the VRV system’s modular nature, it can be very flexible in layout. You can easily add to the system as needed. Refrigerant piping takes up much less space than traditional ductwork. Because of this,  it can be particularly useful in renovating historic buildings that weren’t built with central HVAC in mind.

VRV LIFE is Designed to Fit Your Home

In developing a VRV system for residential use Daikin made their product adaptable. They have taken into account the need to integrate this system into your existing home. Because of this, the VRV LIFE system is the world’s first residential VRV heat pump that can be connected to a gas furnace.

The VRV heat pump itself can provide heating down to outside temperatures of -4F, but for colder climates or maximizing efficiency, it can be paired with the gas furnace to create a dual-fuel hybrid system. Dual-fuel systems use the heat pump in milder weather, then bring on the furnace for supplemental heat as the weather gets colder. That way, you’re always using the most efficient type of heating available for the current conditions.

Additionally, the VRV LIFE system can be matched with either ductless or ducted inside air handlers—or a mix of both! For homes that have had traditional central HVAC, the VRV LIFE system can take advantage of that existing ductwork while offering the flexibility of adding ductless inside units too.

The outside unit can be connected to up to nine inside units, allowing you to divide your home into as many as nine different zones, each precisely controlled by its own thermostat. This level of control means you’ll never have to waste energy heating or cooling your whole house just to change the temperature in a single room, like an upstairs bedroom that gets too warm at night or an infant’s room that’s too cold.

If you have rooms that aren’t in use, you can turn off the inside unit in those rooms completely to maximize your energy savings. This zoning control allows every person in your home to find their own “Comfort Zone” and ends the dreaded thermostat wars!

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The Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

In addition to increasing your home’s comfort and energy efficiency, Daikin’s VRV LIFE system offers some other advantages as well. For instance, the VRV LIFE’s outdoor unit is significantly smaller than traditional central HVAC outside units. This can be particularly helpful for homes on small lots or without much available outside space.

Another small but significant advantage is that VRV LIFE outside units are designed to run very quietly. In fact, the VRV LIFE outside unit runs at approximately 57 decibels. That’s up to 16 decibels quieter than Daikin’s traditional outside units.

With an outside unit that compact and quiet, you may not even notice that it’s there!

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Choose the Options that Best Suit Your Home

The VRV LIFE system’s flexibility also extends to the options it offers. For instance, you can choose from several different styles of ducted and ductless inside units, including wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, and concealed floor units.

Additionally, some of the inside units can include optional intelligent sensors. These sensors detect movement in the room. Once the room has been unoccupied for more than twenty minutes, these sensors will signal the system to switch to an energy-saving mode.

The VRV LIFE system also allows the addition of indoor air quality modules that can help to clean your home’s air, control your indoor humidity, and bring in outside air for ventilation. Pairing your VRV LIFE system with indoor air quality products can truly maximize the comfort of your home.

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Daikin’s innovative VRV systems have set the standard for comfort, efficiency, and flexibility in commercial HVAC. Now that same VRV technology is available for your home with the VRV LIFE system. As a proud Daikin Comfort Pro dealer, we’d love the opportunity to design a custom VRV LIFE system for your home. Give us a call today!

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