Before you replace your dryer, have the vent system cleaned out by a professional. This could save you a lot of money. The vent may not always be the source of the issue, however it needs to be done for your safety. There is a risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and Structure Fires if you do not clean out your Dryer Vents. Dryer vent fires is the leading cause of structure fires.

When it comes to cleaning dryer vent it is not as simple as it may seem. Sure, we all clean out the lint trap between loads of laundry, but that is not enough to keep your dryer running efficiently. Dryer lint also goes through the vent and, along with the heat, pushed out of your house.

How do you know if you need your dryer vents cleaned? 

  1. Your drying times become longer.
    • What used to take you 30 minutes now takes you a lot longer.
  2. The location of your dryer, laundry room, attic, garage is much hotter now.
    • As the vent get more clogged, the heat has a harder time leaving your house.
  3. A musty odor on your clothes after the drying cycle.
    • Damp lint odor in the vent pushes back into the dryer causing the smell.  
  4. There seems to be a lot of lint around the dryer.
    • Lint buildup on, under, around and behind the dryer is cause for concern.

What other factors are there?

What we see most often is that the dryer vents are not installed properly. This can cause major issues for the homeowner. There are codes that builders must take into consideration. If the dryer vent is not secured properly through your wall, crawl space or attic they can become detached causing all of the lint to build up in places it shouldn’t be. If a contractor has used plastic or vinyl this is going to to increase your fire risk significantly. They are not meant for this type of heat.

If your dryer vents out through your attic it needs to be up to code. Attic dryer vents need to be installed and vented properly to ensure that all of the heat and damp air is not staying in your attic. Attic vents also require a clean out at each vertical rise.

Birds love to build their nest in the dryer vents. It is nice and warm and an instant nest for them. This can cause major issues. The lint will back up and can cause your dryer to overheat and stop working. Worse yet, it can cause a Fire! It is equally as important to have the correct external vent on the house.

Why should I have a professional come clean my dryer vents?

Hiring a professional to clean your vents is a very smart decision. We know the Codes that are required for installation. The Codes are there to make sure that your home stays safe. The same is true for venting your dryer. Dryer vents have a maximum length they are supposed to be, the vent needs to be made out of particular materials, and there are many other factors to take into consideration.

If you have a multi story home with your dryer on the top floor, don’t risk injury to clean your dryer vent. We are licensed and insured and this is a service we perform. It keeps you safe.

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*According to FEMA, not cleaning the dryer vents is the top reason for dryer fires.