So, you’ve decided to try out one of these fancy new smart thermostats, and you really like the idea of a thermostat that uses multiple sensors throughout your house to provide maximum comfort.

There’s just one problem—you want to tell all your friends about your great new thermostat that’s saving you money and helping the environment at the same time, but how the heck do you say its name? Is it “echo-bee”? Or “e-coby”? Or does it rhyme with Scooby, as in the greatest canine detective of all time?

Well, never fear. We’re here to help. The definitive answer, from Ecobee’s own customer service line, is quite simple.

The first part is “eco,” pronounced EE-ko, as in “ecosystem.” It’s a prefix that refers to a habitat or environment. The second part is “bee,” pronounced just like the helpful little insect whose picture is part of the ecobee logo. So all together, it’s EE-ko-bee, the helpful little device that’s saving you money and making your own habitat a whole lot more comfortable.

And now you can properly brag about it to all of your friends.

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