Service Technician

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We are looking for service technicians that can:

  • Accurately and thoroughly troubleshoot HVAC repairs in either commercial or residential settings.
  • Neatly document recommendations in writing including pricing options.
  • Confidently communicate options to the customer and generously share HVAC expertise so customers are educated about options
  • Generate revenue through selling repair work or secure appointments for equipment replacement.
  • Project a sharp, clean, smart attitude to customers.
  • Earn referrals and online reviews by impressing customers.

Techs are accountable for monthly revenue goals and converting a certain percentage of maintenance calls. Performance pay incentives reward “make it happen” work ethic and detail-oriented professionals.

Pay scale depends on experience. NATE certification demonstrates a dedication to professionalism we value. We provide uniforms, stocked company vehicle, full medical and paid vacation benefits, plus a reliable 40/hour week even in the slow seasons.

Conditioned Air Solutions specializes in custom HVAC solutions for commercial and residential settings. Most of our new equipment installation is retro-fit, we do very little new construction. We are driven by the expectations of our customers and expect everyone on the team to have the backs of your coworkers. Apply with us only if you are committed to relentlessly improving your game.

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