Is your second-floor bedroom always too hot in the summer? Or is your high-ceilinged living room always freezing in the winter? Do members of your household argue over what’s a comfortable temperature? Do you hate wasting money heating or cooling rooms that aren’t being used? In all of these situations, zoning your home could be the solution to your problem.

When a home is zoned, it means that the house has been divided up into sections, or zones, whose heating and cooling are each controlled separately by means of a thermostat installed in each zone. Zoning can be done using multiple HVAC units, or it can be done with a single unit and dampers installed in the ductwork to block and redirect heated or cooled air.

Zoning a home has two major advantages. First is comfort. Particularly in large or multi-story houses, temperatures can vary significantly from room to room. For instance, in the heat of summer, the thermostat in your downstairs hallway may be reading a comfortable 72 degrees, while the bedroom upstairs is a sweltering 80. Zoning your home would allow you to control the upstairs temperature separately from the downstairs, so that your upstairs bedroom stays nice and cool without turning down the thermostat for the entire house.

This obviously leads to the second major advantage of zoning, which is that it can reduce your heating and cooling costs by as much as 30%, according to the Department of Energy. Instead of wasting money cooling your entire house at night while everyone is sleeping, you can turn up the thermostat for the rooms that nobody is using. During the day, you can focus on keeping the main living spaces comfortable, not on cooling empty bedrooms.

Likewise, if you need certain rooms to be warmer in the winter, like a high-ceilinged living room or a nursery, you can use zoning to direct heat specifically to those rooms without wasting it warming up the rest of the house. And you can solve family feuds over the temperature of your home by giving each faction its own zone with its own thermostat!

Ultimately, zoning is another tool you can use to make your home as comfortable and efficient as possible, especially in larger and multi-story homes. Talk to one of our Comfort Specialists to find out if zoning is the right choice for you.