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Automatic Exhaust Fans: An Ally in Humidity Control

Is it necessary for homes or businesses to have automatic exhaust fans? At first glance, a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system may appear to simply bring air into a home or business space. This includes fresh air, heated…

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4 Common HVAC Myths Busted!

In the HVAC industry, we hear a lot of misinformation getting passed around as fact. These HVAC myths can lead to inefficiency, decreased comfort, and even equipment breakdowns. Let’s take a look at some of the common HVAC myths and…

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When Good Ductwork Goes Bad

You probably don’t think about your home’s ductwork very much. In fact, many homeowners don’t realize that the ductwork is an extremely important and active part of their home’s HVAC system. The design, installation, and maintenance of ductwork has a…

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Improving Air Quality in Your Home’s Basement

  For your convenience you can listen to the article here: If your home has a basement, you may be familiar with that unpleasant “basement smell.” Residential basements provide some special challenges in terms of indoor air quality. A basement…

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Deck the Halls with Mold

For your convenience, you can listen to the article here: Christmas Trees and Indoor Air Quality One of the most beloved traditions of the Christmas season is putting up a tree and decorating it with your family. Going out to…

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